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Gilsonite Info:

GILSONITE is a 99.9% pure hydrocarbon with no filler content and a melting point of 160 ° C
This mineral is a natural bitumen and, from a geological point of view, a petroleum-based solid and is therefore extremely compatible with bitumen.

What is Gilsonite?
Gilsonite is a 99% pure, natural hydrocarbon resin with a high asphaltene content
Is considered a natural bitumen
Self-filler share <1%
Nitrogen content 3.3%
Sulfur content 0.3%
Extremely compatible with conventional road construction bitumen
Details of Gilsonite
Gilsonite difference to other natural asphalts:
  • Due to the high proportion of 'positive asphaltenes'
  • Due to its high solubility in organic solvents
  • Due to its high purity and consistent quality
  • Due to the high molecular weight
  • Due to the high nitrogen content
Possible Gilsonite use:
  • Bituminous surface, base and binder courses for roads (motorways) with high traffic
  • Truck and bus lanes
  • Stops
  • Crossing area
  • Roundabouts
  • Container terminals
Typical properties of Gilsonite:
  • Physical Appearance: Brown powder
  • Softening point (R&K): 160/175 ° C
  • Penetration: 0
  • Specific gravity: 1.04 - 1.06
  • Sulfur content: 0.3
  • Nitrogen content: 3.3
  • Flash point: 315 ° C
  • Grain size distribution: +6 mesh 2, +12 mesh 17, +20 mesh 37, +50 mesh 28, +100 mesh 5, +200 mesh 4


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